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5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Untuk Anak dan Mendidik Beserta dengan Pesan Moral

5 Short Stories for Exciting and Educating Children 

In addition to playing, one of the things that kids also like is listening to stories or short stories. Short stories for children, in general, have a mild storyline and only focus on one event. There are not many characters used, often short stories of these children use animals as characters.
For children, listening to or reading children's short stories and fairy tales has many benefits. So many of these benefits are enriching children's vocabulary, practicing their ability to hear, and stimulating their imagination. Children can also learn about life sciences that will be useful for them later.
After knowing these benefits, now you must be impatient to read recommendations for short stories for the following children that are not only entertaining but also educational.

1. Rabbits and Turtles
Once upon a time, there was a rabbit who was popular because of his arrogance. There was a turtle that he had mocked slowly and stupidly, challenging the arrogant rabbit to run fast. Actually, tortoise doesn't want to deal with rabbits, but he wants to give him a little lesson.
With confidence, the rabbit agreed to the turtle's challenge. He thought that maybe the super-slow turtle could defeat him. Then, they agreed to determine the long path that would be passed to fight.
The match was no doubt inviting curious other animals. They all also want to see how the turtle can defeat the rabbit. The animals showed their support for the turtle because they also did not like the arrogant nature of the rabbit.
An ape was appointed as a referee to oversee the running of the match. When the race has just begun, the rabbit has shot away from the turtle. Do not want to give up just like that, turtles keep trying hard and increase the speed of his run.
Because he felt the turtle was still far behind, in the middle of the race he decided to rest and fall asleep. But when he woke up, the rabbit was really surprised because the turtle had arrived at the finish line. Obtaining this fact, the other animals cheered happily and the rabbit came home embarrassed.
Through short stories for this child, there are a number of things you can teach your little one. One of them is not to boast because of the advantages possessed. It would be better if these advantages are used to help instead of degrading others.
In addition, the story for this child teaches your child not to get discouraged if someone humbles himself. Enlarge his heart and help him prove that he can do it.

2. Ants and Grasshoppers
During the summer in a forest, there lives an ant who is very diligent at work. Every day he tirelessly collects food items which he then stores in the barn. The ant didn't even need the heat or the rain, he tried it so that the barn wasn't empty during the winter.
Once when traveling to collect food, ants met with locusts. Grasshoppers greet the ant and say why it is so hard to work while in the forest so much food is available. Wisely the ant replied that he did not want to run out of stock for the winter.
While eating the leaves near the grasshopper mocking the ant and saying again, "Winter is still long, no need to work so hard, have fun first." However, the ants did not heed the word grasshopper and went back to carrying on with their work. It lasted for some time when the ant worked more diligently and the grasshopper remained lazy.
Until winter comes and lasts longer than expected, ants that have a large supply of food can stay at home comfortably, while grasshoppers start to worry because the food is gone. Grasshopper then asks for the ant's help, of course, he rejects it. But, seeing the grasshopper who almost died of starvation made the ant not have the heart, he then helped him.
From the short and short examples above, there are interesting things that can be taught to your son or daughter. One of them is not to be lazy like the grasshoppers do. Example ants who work hard so that they can later enjoy the results.
This story also teaches that the child wants to help people who need help even though the person has wronged him. Even though the ants were mocked by grasshoppers despite being disappointed but he did not hold grudges and still wanted to help the locusts.

3. Clever Goat Children
It is said there is a family of goats living in the forest. At one point, the goat mother will go to a place and advise her child not to open the door for other people.
The mother of the goat teaches her child a song so that the child does not recognize it wrongly. If the mother comes then in front of the door someone will sing the song. Unexpectedly, there was a wolf who listened to him.
Shortly after the goat's mother left, came a hungry wolf. He stood at the door then sang the song the mother of the goat had taught. Goats feel strange about this incident. He also thought that it was impossible for his mother who had just left but suddenly returned. The sound he heard was different from his mother's voice.
He felt hesitant about opening the door or not. In the midst of his doubts, the goat decided to peek through a small gap under the door. How surprised he was when he learned that what he saw was not a pair of his mother's legs, but a wolf's feet.
Out of fear, the little goat shouted. The scream made other animals arrive. This of course made the wolves tremble and decided to leave and not prey on the goats.

Now, from the short story for the child above, can you conclude the message contained in the story? Yes, you are absolutely right. This child's short story will teach children to always be vigilant.
Too much in suspecting people are not good, just be alert. Children must be taught to be vigilant and not just believe in other people because out there not everyone is good and can be trusted. There could be someone who has bad intentions like what the wolf does in the child's short story.

4. Favors An Ant
One day a red ant was walking along the river. Because the ant was not careful, he slipped into a river with a heavy current. He shouted for help and hoped that other animals would help him.
Unexpectedly, the scream of ants was heard by a dove. The dove came to help him with a leaf. Then the dove approached the ant who almost drowned. The red ant then held on to the leaf and he survived.
Until one day there was a hunter who was eyeing a dove. Red ants happened to be around the place and realized that what the hunter was after was a dove who had helped him.
Just as the hunter wants to pull the trigger, with all his strength the ants bite the hunter's feet. The hunter was shocked and his shot missed. Pigeons who hear gunshots then fly away.
From up there, pigeons can see the ants that they once helped at the hunter's feet. After making sure that the fairy hunter and the situation are safe, the dove then goes to the ant and thanks him. The ant responded by saying that he had done his shoes because the dove had also helped him first when he fell into the river.
This child's short story also has a moral message that is no less good to teach the little one. As human beings, we have to help each other when we see someone who is in trouble. No matter how small our actions will be very meaningful to others.
Not only that, from a short story for this child your child can learn to say "thank you" after being helped by others. Also, can you teach your child to get used to using the word "help" if you want to ask someone else for help, but you don't need to shout yes?

5. Good Butterfly

Cerita Pendek anak
On a sunny morning, there was an ant walking in the park. With a happy feeling, the ant goes around the beautiful garden and greets other animals who are also there. Until his eyes are fixed on a cocoon hanging on a branch.
The ant approached the cocoon and said, "Your cocoon, your destiny is bad. It's bad and can only hang there, can't do anything. Come down here and enjoy this beautiful garden. ”Hearing the ant's taunts, the cocoon chose to remain silent and not respond.
One day an unexpected incident occurred. When the ant was walking around the park, he fell in a mud puddle formed by rain last night. By exerting all his strength, he shouted as loudly as possible hoping someone would help him.
Shortly thereafter, a butterfly flew past and heard his scream. The butterfly takes the branch and sticks it towards the ant. "Ants, quickly hold this branch tightly, I will lift it and save you," said the butterfly. With all his might, the butterfly managed to lift the branch and managed to save the ant.
Then the ants thank you for being helped. But, what a surprise the ant after hearing the confession that the butterfly that helped him was the cocoon that had been mocked. Ants are embarrassed and promise not to insult other God's creatures again.
How? Very interesting is not the short story of this one child? Not only good, but Mother can also teach about the value of life to the baby in a fun way.
The value of life that can be taken from the short story is not to repay evil for evil and not hold grudges against others. But it would be nice to follow the example of a butterfly which, although it has been hurt, still wants to help the ant. Because if the crime is returned with evil then there will be no end.

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