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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris untuk Anak Sebelum Tidur Mendidik dan Mengandung Pesan Moral

Dongeng anak

In the previous article, there were five short stories for children who use animals as their characters, there are five more short stories for children. Although not using animals as characters, but short stories for the following children are no less interesting. It would be a shame if you missed it, let's read it!

1. Shepherd and Wolf Children
In a village, there lived a shepherd child who worked for a rich man. His job is to care for and care for the sheep belonging to his employer. The employer advised that if a wolf arrived, he could shout so that the villagers would come to help.
Daily activities that only feed sheep near the forest make the child feel bored. While waiting, all he did was play the flute or play with his dog. Until it appeared in his mind to do an unexpected action.
Suddenly he shouted "Wolf, wolf! Please have a wolf. "Hearing the cry of the child the villagers came and intended to help the shepherd child. However, when he found out that the shepherd boy was just joking and doing it out of boredom, they were annoyed and then returned home. It turned out that the action was not only done once, a few days later he did it again. When he found the shepherd boy laughing out loud, of course, it made the villagers angry. One afternoon, a pack of wolves actually came and preyed on the sheep that he herded. With fear, he shouted for help again. But this time there were no villagers who helped because they did not believe anymore. Finally, a group of wolves managed to prey on many sheep and bring them into the forest. The incident made him regret and would not repeat his reckless actions again.
From the short story can be taken the lesson that is not allowed to lie, especially just because you feel bored. Because once you lie, you won't be trusted anymore. A child's short story about honesty can be a reference if you want to instill honesty in your sons and daughters.
Not only that, another lesson that you can plant with your child through this child's short story is to respect the good deeds of others. Unlike shepherd children, do it to the villagers, instead of appreciating but instead making it a joke.

2. Sand and Stone
There are two best friends walking in the desert. When in the middle of the journey they are involved in a debate. The fight happened until one of them slapped the other.
The slapped friend said nothing but wrote a word on the sand. The article reads, "Today my best friend slapped me."
Even though they had a fight, they continued their journey together. While on the trip they found a water source and decided to take a bath. But unfortunately the fate of the friend who was slapped earlier, he slipped and almost drowned in the water source. Seeing that, of course, the friend who slapped helped him and he survived. "Today my best friend saved my life," he carved on a rock.
The friend who had slapped and saved his life asked, "Why when I hurt you, you wrote on the sand. Whereas when I help, you carve it on the stone? "
Then he replied, "When someone hurts we write it on the sand so the wind can fly it and disappear so it can be forgiven. But when someone does a good thing, we have to carve it on stone. Where the wind cannot erase the writing so we will always remember it. " 
Through short stories about friendship that can be told to elementary school students, your baby can take valuable life lessons. One of them is to forgive and not hold grudges against other people, especially good friends while still being tolerated.
This short story for one child also teaches not to use violence, especially if it is triggered by differences of opinion. Because finding friends is difficult, so if there is a difference, it must be addressed better.

3. The Story of Badu the Diligent Child
In a village, there lived a boy named Badu who only lived with his mother. That morning Badu was grazing his goats in the vast grasslands. While waiting for the goat to eat, Badu uses his time to read a book under a shady tree.
Then came an old grandfather approaching him. The grandfather asked him "Son, can you take a ride for a while sitting on this tree?" Of course, Badu invited the grandfather to sit down, also offered a drink he brought.
Badu looked engrossed in reading the book until he didn't realize that the grandfather had noticed him. "You don't go to school, son?" Asked the grandfather again. With a little sad expression, he replied that he did not have money for school. The book he read was only a loan of his friend.
Badu also told grandfather if he wanted to succeed one day so he could make his mother happy. Seeing him who remained passionate about learning and didn't give in to the situation made the grandfather moved Then the grandfather said, "Keep learning hard, kid. Your perseverance will pay off and you will definitely be a successful person. "
The next day when Badu wanted to go grazing, his mother shouted at him and said that he was accepted into a school to study. Then they rushed to the school in question. How shocked Badu was when he learned that the principal was the grandfather he had met yesterday.
You can already deduce moral values ​​that can be taken from short stories for this one child, right? Yes, that's right. Mother can teach the baby to be diligent and keep the spirit to reach any of his dreams.
Although maybe later you will encounter obstacles and look impossible, don't give up. God must have prepared everything, even through intermediaries. Interesting Bun, a short story of this one child?

4. Dheda and Five Potato Points
Formerly in the land of Java, there lived a firewood seeker named Dheda. He and his wife and three children live very simply. The hut is also very simple and is located on the edge of the forest.
It was the rainy season. It's been a week down and it doesn't stop and this makes the Dheda troubled. Because he could not find firewood and he could not get money to eat his family.
Restless then his wife said, "My husband, the food supply is very thinning. We only have five potatoes and that's not enough to eat our family. "
"I know, please be patient a little more. Hopefully, tomorrow won't rain and I can go to the woods looking for wood. The rest of the potatoes is for the children only, "answered Dheda.
That afternoon, there was a beggar who was cold and starving knocking on the house of Dheda. The beggar looked hungry and he did not have the heart. Finally, he gave five potatoes to be eaten by the beggar.
The beggar ate four potatoes and said to the Dheda to divide one remaining potato into five. When he divided the potatoes, the five slices turned into five potatoes. If one grain is sliced again, it will continue to increase.
Because of this miracle, his family is no longer lacking. In fact, he can also distribute the potatoes to his neighbors.
Through the Dheda figures on the children's short stories above, you can invite your baby to always share. Giving something even if we are in shortage will not make us even more deficient, but our blessings will increase.
This short story for children also teaches to keep trying and not give up easily. God's help can happen through unexpected events. Really, is one example of an educating children's story, right?

5. Abu Nawas Want to Fly
Residents in a city in one of the countries in the Middle East are in an uproar. Because Abu Nawas said that he wanted to fly. That certainly makes some people believe, but some don't.
The news quickly spread to the King's ears. To ascertain the truth of the news, the King then called Abu Nawas.
After arriving at the palace, the King said to Abu Nawas, "Do you really want to fly, Abu? The news that you want to fly is very exciting, even to foreign countries. "He simply answered and said he really wanted to fly.
Then the King told the soldiers to announce it to the people. If Abu Nawas is proven to be lying, he will be sentenced to death.
The next day, all residents gathered to see Abu Nawas fly. He then rises to the highest building. Arriving on the roof, he flapped his hands like he wanted to fly.
The residents began to get annoyed because Abu did not fly as they thought but only like to fly. The king was also angry because of this. Then Abu Nawas straightened out that he really did not lie.
Abu Nawas did say that he wanted to fly, instead, he could fly. Hearing this, the King did not punish Abu because what he said was true and did not lie.
Funny, isn't this one short fairy tale? Not only teaches children about moral values, one short story for this child is also very entertaining. Moreover, Abu Nawas is indeed known as a character's short story that is hilarious.
The moral value that can be taken from a short story for this child is that your baby will just believe in what people say. Also, don't just conclude other people's words before really understanding what they mean by what the people do with Abu's talk.

Cultivate Reading Short Stories for Children as a Means of Infusing Morals

After reading the short story reference for that, how do you think? It must be interesting right? Reading or telling stories to children is very beneficial compared to allowing them to play games. Not only useful for the child but also for parents.
You can not only tell stories but also invite children to read pictorial children's tales. That way the child will learn to organize morals in an exciting and fun way. Or, you can also tell a tale of spiritual children so that the baby will understand more about religious values. Hopefully, the collection of short stories for the child can be useful, not only for you but also for the baby. Stay upbeat and keep reading children's stories or short stories for your little one.

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